Luxury Holographic Cards

Jukebox Print shows how a luxurious business card is printed with 11 foil colors. Art by Elena Galimullina.

From the video description:

“This incredible 11 Color Holographic Foil Luxury Business Card features a unique design from European Abstract Creation Artist Elena Galimullina. This challenging multi-color design showcases 8 different holographic colors with refractive movement and depth unlike any other. The extraordinary brilliance and shimmer of holographic foils brings this calling card to a whole new level. Using our premium 30pt Onyx paper stock, these cards are as thick and durable as they are luxurious. Watch along as each foil is printed one pass at a time with a final gilded edge. The magical effect of holographic foil pressed onto a deep black paper creates one of the most unique business cards we’ve ever produced.”

Photo from Awesome Brands.

The Team

Branding & Graphic Designer Sophie Taylor and Interior Designer & Decorator Dima Ahmad are the creatives behind the Art of Design.