1 Hotel Toronto

Sustainable luxury in a hotel in the heart of downtown Toronto.

From their website:

At 1 With Nature

Our interiors and furnishings are designed using local and reclaimed materials, including timber and driftwood from the city of Toronto, and tables and DJ booths crafted from fallen trees by our friends at Just Be Woodsy.

Good Energy Is Clean Energy

Optimized for energy efficiency and powered by green systems, including low-energy LED lighting and smart temperature control, with additional carbon offsets to reduce our operational footprint.

Peace of Mind

We provide locally sourced, sustainable bed linens and non-toxic, organic mattresses, so you and the earth can sleep soundly.

Keeping it Green

Our on-site organic composter can reduce 12,000 pounds of waste to under 1,000 pounds of compost per month, which is used to feed 2,500+ plants throughout our grounds and neighbouring parks. Our local recycling partner, Green for Life, measures our diversion rate to ensure we’re doing all the good we can and reducing our overall waste.

The Team

Branding & Graphic Designer Sophie Taylor and Interior Designer & Decorator Dima Ahmad are the creatives behind the Art of Design.